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Class Overview

Intro To Tumbling (ITC): Beginner class-learning basics, body control and intro skills.

Level 1: Must have basic body control, handstand, and back bend.

Level 1.5: Must have front walkover and back walkover. 

Level 2: Must have standing back handspring, round off back handspring, front walkover, round off series back handspring.

Level 3: Must have standing handspring, round off back handspring tuck.

Level 4: Must have round off back handspring layout and standing tuck.

Level 5/6: Must have round off back handspring full.

Flex and Conditioning: A class for cheerleaders who want to take an extra step in developing their flexibility and body strength.

Flyer Class: A class for cheerleaders who want to learn the fundamentals of flying for competition and college stunting. Working on all aspects of flying from beginners on up. Everyone is welcome even beginners and novice flyers! Come learn with us! (will fly on experience level 5 cheerleaders in the class).  Offered at specific times of the year. 

Cheer Prep Class: For beginners interested in learning the fundamentals of cheerleading. Come have fun while learning how to jump, cheer, tumble, and dance! This class is offered seasonally. 

Middle School and High School Prep Class: If you are looking to get prepared for your school try outs look no further! We will help you excucute motions, jumps, stunting and tumbling as well as dance, conditioning and flexibility. This class is offered seasonally.

Please check the "Forms" link for a printable schedule of our current classes!